National Information Platform for Food Security and Nutrition

NIPFN brought together Nutrition-ThinkTanks from Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (Health, Agriculture, Education, Labor & Social Protection, Water, Irrigation & Sanitation), International Non-Governmental Organizations (SUN CSA Kenya), United Nations Agencies (FAO), among others, in a two-day stakeholder workshop – 9 & 10 December 2020 – to discuss and formulate policy-relevant questions. The overall objective of NIPFN is to contribute towards the national development agenda of reducing the triple burden of malnutrition namely; overnutrition (obesity), undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies and attaining the Sustainable Developmental Goals. To achieve this, NIPFN engages in multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder engagements by informing nutrition sensitive and nutrition specific policies and programmes.

The Director General, KNBS, Mr. Macdonald Obudho was represented by the Project Director, Mr. Robert Nderitu. KIPPRA’s Executive Director, Dr. Rose Ngugi opened the workshop by virtue of the project being co-hosted by the two institutions. The Project Manager gave an overview of the project and the roles each committee and unit are expected to play. An overview of the Kenya Nutrition Action Plan 2018-2022 was presented by Ms. Immaculate Nyango from the Ministry of Health. This was followed by a presentation of the Kenya Agri-nutrition implementation strategy 2020-2025, by Ms. Jane Wambugu from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Source: KNAP presentation

Source: Agri-nutrition presentation

Other presentations from internal stakeholders, included:

  • Policy Question Formulation – steps and criteria to formulate policy questions.
  • Trends in Nutritional Anthropometric indicators.
  • Association of stunting with household characteristics.
  • Policy review highlights

The workshop ended on a good note with a couple of nutrition relevant policy questions. Participants were encouraged to continue engaging in the nutrition space and await the project launch in early 2021.