Isiolo Information Platform for Food Security and Nutrition

County Government of Isiolo

County Government of Isiolo

  1. Office of the Governor
  2. County Assembly
  1. County Departments

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics


Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis


National Drought Management Authority


Kenya Meteorological Department

Development Partners


Implementing Partners
  1. We World
  2. World Vision
  3. etc
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Isiolo Information Platform for Food Security and Nutrition

IIPFN Was established in 2023 as an Initiative of the NIPFN in collaboration with County Government of Isiolo with support from European Union through KNBS and We World

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DRIC Project

We World-GVC is working with other international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) like VSF Suisse Kenya, AMREF, E4IMPACT, SOMIRENEC, and WW GVC to support the establishment of a food security and nutrition platform in Isiolo County through the Drought Resilience in Isiolo County (DRIC) project

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The Isiolo Dashboard visualizes food security and nutrition indicators

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Nutrition at a Glance

Percentage of under-five children consuming Multiple Micronutrient Powder
Prevalence of Diarrhoea Among under 5 Children
Percentage of household in poor consumption score group
Prevalence of low birth weight among new-borns
Prevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity in the population, based on FIES
Proportion of Population using improved sanitation facilities
Mean Coping Strategy Index
Minimum Dietary Diversity - Women

Background of NIPFN

The National Information Platform for Food Security and Nutrition (NIPFN) is an initiative that is led and owned by the country and is funded by the European Union (EU), the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The main objective of the initiative is to promote dialogue among stakeholders and strengthen national capacity to manage and analyze information and data from all sectors that influence food security and nutrition. This is intended to improve decision-making and enhance nutrition and food security within the country.

The NIPFN project aims to maximize the analysis and interpretation of existing information and data on nutrition to improve the understanding of the factors that influence it at national and sub-national levels. It also aims to identify gaps in information that need to be filled and address problems with the consistency and quality of data. The project will build plausible arguments about the effectiveness of interventions, programs, approaches, and investments to prevent malnutrition.

Additionally, it will contribute to monitoring national and sub-national progress in preventing malnutrition and strengthen the accountability of governments and donors to meet their commitments to prevent malnutrition.

DRIC Project

About DRIC Project

Background of We World

We World-GVC is one of the International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) that form a consortium, along with VSF Suisse Kenya, AMREF, E4IMPACT, SOMIRENEC, and WW GVC. This consortium was awarded a four-year grant by the European Union to implement the “Building Drought Resilience Through Sustainable Livelihoods” project in Isiolo County.

The project’s primary objective is to increase the resilience of vulnerable groups to drought and other negative impacts of climate change while reducing the number of stunted children under five years in Isiolo County. The project aims to achieve this through enhancing Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) for vulnerable Pastoralist and Agro-pastoralist Communities in Isiolo County, generating sustainable livelihoods, protecting productive assets, and improving climate-smart County service delivery.

We World-GVC’s focus areas in the project are improved nutrition, food security, and food production. The organization is working on enhancing food crop production, promoting sustainable water supply, eliminating open defecation by promoting the Community-Led Total Sanitation methodology, and improving food security and nutrition indicators through a multi-sectoral approach.

We World-GVC is also supporting the County Government of Isiolo in implementing high-impact nutrition interventions, with a particular focus on improving Maternal and Child Nutrition Program interventions by strengthening established Community Units on High Impact Nutrition interventions (HiNi) in the target areas.